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Choices we make in life have consequences! It’s up to you to make the right decision for you. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, what you do with those hours is up to you! So ask yourself, what do you need to do to be better.

I have to say this because it’s bothering me to my core. Stop being mad at people who formed relationships with your loved ones when you didn’t make time for them when they were alive. I know all too well how it feels to lose someone I love and that is why I make it my business to spend time with them. Often, we act as if we are so busy and can’t squeeze in 15 min for a phone call or schedule a visit for the next week. The bible tells us in James 4:13-14 in the clear word version, you say to yourselves, “Today or tomorrow we go to that city over there and open a business, and in the first year or so we should make a good profit. How do you know you know you will live that long? Life is like a mist that is here for a little and then it disappears." Tomorrow is not promised to any of us!

Recently I reached out to a family member of a friend I lost. I wanted to know where he was buried so that I could visit his gravesite for some unfinished business. I wasn’t able to be at his homegoing service and they didn’t stream it live. Let’s make this clear, I didn’t have to reach out to that family member, but I did out of common courtesy and respect, but the response I got was cold and short. Now I have to admit, we all grieve differently and for whatever reason when we lose someone we love, we can become bitter and angry for a while. And depending on who that person was and what they meant to us, some of us never ever get over those feelings. In 2016, I lost my biggest supporter in my grandma and this year was the first year I didn’t have a nervous breakdown around the day of her passing. Now when her birthday comes in December, we will see how I handle it. What makes this situation frustrating for me is the friend I lost lived over 3000 miles away and it’s not often that I am in that part of the United States.

I am planning a trip to that part of the country soon and I wanted to be able to visit my friend’s gravesite. It’s part of my healing journey and the closure I need to continue forward in my life. All of us have different paths we take to our road to wholeness, and this is one of them for me. This will be my first time back in that state since I lost my friend in 2020. I remember him taking me to see the Angel Oak tree which is over 400 years old. It was such a beautiful space to be in with him.

The moral of this blog post is for us all to do better when it comes to the people we love and care for. You make time for what’s important to you and if you say someone is special, then make it happen. Time waits for no one, and we must use it wisely. So, who do you need to plan a date to see, call or text? Only you know that answer.

Sending you love, light and positive vibes,

Cassie K.

"Always remember to LIVE life to the fullest, to LAUGH at everything and to LOVE unconditionally!"

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