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Just Wash The Dishes!

You see the title. That’s exactly what I mean. Just wash the dishes. Are you one of those people who get irritated because individuals in your household don’t contribute to keeping the kitchen clean? I must admit, I used to be one of those people. At one point in my early parenting, I would’ve had a hissy fit if I came home from one or two of my jobs and saw my kitchen was dirty. I would have lost my mind. Recently, I came home from an overnight stay and found my sink to be full of dishes.  At that moment, I didn’t trip or have an attitude. I just put on my apron and got to washing. And in the mist of washing dishes, God reminded me to have an attitude of gratitude and just be thankful. So, I no longer make a big fuss about the small things. As I stood there washing the dishes, I just thanked God that I have a home and that I have dishes to wash. Over the years, my patience has become thicker, and things don't bother me as much as they used to. 

Many times in life, we let the small things bog us down when there’s usually a bigger picture at play. There are so many forces coming at us in every direction that can weigh us down if we allow things to.  But when we keep our mind focused on the goodness around us, those evil forces can't penetrate the barrier that shields us by shifting our focus on what matters.  How many times have you allowed a little thing to mess up your whole day? 

Recently I was a passenger in an Uber, and I witnessed an accident.  Our Uber driver was hit on the passenger side (my side) while she was attempting to take my daughter and I to our destination.  Now at that moment, she could have been super irate and started yelling and cussing but she handled it quite well.  She honked her horn and flashed her lights to get the other driver to slow down and stop.  Eventually the driver pulled over and she was able to gather the information she needed and after about twenty minutes of waiting, she got us to our destination.  I could tell she was a little irritated, but she didn't allow that irritation to flow over into her service to us. She just kept apologizing for the inconvenience.  I gave her my number if she needed me as a witness and we retired to our room. After we got settled and it was time to lay it down, I decided to check my email and I saw that Uber charged me $55 instead of the $32 I was quoted.  I had a choice; I could be mad and upset or I could just leave it be.  I know what I can and cannot afford but I decided to just leave it alone, considering this woman just got hit by another driver doing her job. And I really didn't feel like calling Uber and dealing with customer service.  I silently told God to take care of her and me and I went to sleep. It was later on in the week that I found out from someone I know who drives for Uber as to why I was charged extra, and it was because we were still on the Uber clock while our driver was handling her accident business.  I am just thankful no one was hurt; her vehicle wasn't too damaged, and I had the extra $20 in my account to cover the cost.

Remember you are in charge of your own happiness, and you decide what you will or will not allow to disturb your peace.  Stop complaining about things you permit and change the things that you can. Happiness is an inside job, and you must be mindful of what is entering inside your mind, spirit and soul.  Instead of complaining, yelling, and screaming, just wash the dishes.

Sending you love, light and positive vibes,

Cassie K.

"Always remember to LIVE life to the fullest, to LAUGH at everything and to LOVE unconditionally!"

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Jul 07

Love this quote “We are in charge of our own happiness”! We decide! Great read Cassie!


Jul 07

Dad love u. Feed my badies

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