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Mind your business!

Too many times we as humans are minding other people’s affairs instead of our own. If someone tells you something, that doesn’t give you the right to tell others. You have no idea what that information can do to that specific relationship. How many of you remember the childhood game telephone? It goes something like this. There might be 10 kids playing the game, and it starts with the first person telling the second person a statement, then it’s up to the that second person to tell the 3rd person and so on and so forth and by the time the information gets to the 10th person the statement has changed completely. Now this is different from telling someone’s business without their permission, but it alludes to the fact that the information has changed. Any time you tell a story depending on how that story affects you the scene may get altered just a little bit.

I remember a time when my friend’s niece told her uncle some information about her personal life. She was sharing with him some things about herself as she wanted him to understand her better. She did not give him that information for him to act like he was an anchor on King 5 news and report it. But what did he do? He decided to tell her cousin, his nephew, this personal information which caused a rift between my friend’s niece and her cousin. Why did it cause problems? Her uncle’s biases and personal experience caused him to relay the information in a negative way, which caused my friend’s nephew automatically to be on the defense. Number one, the uncle should have never blurted out the niece’s business the way he did. Number two, what her uncle did not know was the dynamics of those two cousins’ relationship. Because he robbed her of the chance to tell her cousin in the way she intended to, it caused the whole situation to blow up and out of control. Even if she wanted to tell him now, it wouldn’t land the same because her uncle decided to open his big mouth. Now the relationship between my friend’s niece, nephew and uncle is strained and uncomfortable all because one person (the uncle) couldn’t keep personal information to himself.

The bible says in Hebrews 12:14, to make every effort to keep the peace. Just because you know something personal about someone doesn’t give you the right to say anything. We see this happening all the time in the media. As soon as someone finds out information, they deem juicy, they are quick to tell outlets like the Hollywood Unlocked, The Shaderoom, or other social media spots that delve into other people’s business.

My question to you, is why are we humans like this? Why is it when we know something, we always have to say something? We have always been curious as a species; I mean when I was growing up the Enquirer was and is a tabloid that gave us a lot of information on everyone, especially celebrities. I believe the pandemic caused our interests in other people’s lives to reach an all-time high. For the most part we were all stuck in our respective places trying to cope. Don’t get me started about the internet and social media. It would seem it’s all about who can get the juicy story picked up the fastest no matter who or what that information may affect. I say all that to say this. Just because you know something, doesn’t mean you need to say something. It’s not your place to tell someone’s business that is not your own. Especially when it deals with something so personal as family. If you take it upon yourself to say something, you better be ready for the consequences of your actions. You may not be able to repair that relationship for a long time.

You have heard it said repeatedly to mind the business that pays you. I take this to mean that the only person you are responsible for is you, so become an expert on you and no one else. Let’s continue to uplift, encourage, and assist people in being their best selves.

Sending you love, light and positive vibes,

Cassie K.

"Always remember to LIVE life to the fullest, LAUGH at everything and to LOVE unconditionally!"

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