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More in 2024!

Updated: Jan 13

Hello beautiful soul, yes, I am talking to you. If no one told you today, let me be the first to say it, I LOVE YOU! Did you hear me? I LOVE YOU! The GOD of the universe LOVES You!  If I was in your presence, I would ask to give you a hug and hopefully you would say yes.  All last year I was deficient in receiving human physical touch and that will not be the case this year. I want more in 2024! My grandma was a great hug giver but these days she gives me those spiritual hugs from heaven above.  According to Healthline a study performed in 2014 has found that missing out on regular human touch can have some serious and long-lasting effects such as: anxiety, depression, and immune system disorders. So, it's safe to say that physical touch is definitely needed.


2023 is gone and we are 7 days into this new year. How will you get more from this year? What do you need to change to receive all that God has for you in this season?  We have to stop making excuses as to why we can't do this or that.   When we make excuses, it speaks volumes to the fact that we really don't want what we think we do. Why is it that we say we can't, when we can? I believe one of the reasons is because we haven't set our minds. What does that mean? We haven't made the decision yet in our minds.  We speak it with our mouths, but we are just giving it lip service because our minds haven't changed .  Yes, you have heard me say this before, change your mind and you will change your life. The bible says in Romans 12:2 ... 


So how can you have more in 2024? Here are a few simple ways you can attain all that you need and want in this new year!

·  Practice thankfulness each day you are blessed with.

·  Celebrate your small wins every time you remember, add those little notes to your gratitude jar.

·  Instead of making resolutions, live your life with intentionality

·  Find a new hobby that you will enjoy, i.e.: painting, piano lessons, or pole dancing

·  Buy a suitcase in preparation for a vacation or a staycation; making time to reset is important

·  Organize the spaces you utilize. When there is mess it brings chaos.

·  Be brave and face your fears. You Got This!

·  Make sure to create a routine that will help you build healthy habits.

·  Get your daily exercise in and make sure to get your heart pumping

·  Sleep when you are tired, it's your bodies way of rejuvenating

There are many more ways that we can create an atmosphere of abundance in 2024, but I think these 10 simple steps will help us get started.  Do what you need to do for you! You are the captain of your ship and guide it in the direction you want it to go. Don't let fear stop you from moving forward in your quest for success. Never stop learning and growing to understand yourself and others. Will you fall short sometimes? Absolutely! But get back up and try again. We have overcome too much stuff to go backwards. No more reverting back to the old ways or spending another year doing the same things that held us back in 2023! I believe in you and me!

Sending you love, light and positive vibes,

Cassie K.

"Always remember to LIVE life to the fullest, to LAUGH at everything and to LOVE unconditionally."

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