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Stop and Pay attention!

I was at Home Depot the other day for an appointment, when I saw this handsome brother who was on his job as a security guard. He spoke, I spoke and then he kept it moving as he needed to get on with his assignment. Well after my appointment I was leaving, and he inquired how my appointment went. We chatted briefly and I didn’t realize until I was already driving out of the parking lot that he was trying to engage with me.  I forgot to tell him how handsome I thought he looked. When I first laid eyes on him. I said to myself, "damn he is a nice-looking man."  I do my best to speak to people, especially when I see something I like about them, whether it be their outfit, their hairstyle, their tattoo etc...  As humans, we need to encourage one another instead of always tearing each other down and finding fault.


I ended up beating myself up the whole ride back to work because I should have just said something, and I didn't. I should have paused to take the time to listen and really pay attention. I can be in such a hurry and my mind is thinking about a thousand things that I missed out on a connection and no, I am not talking about a love connection.  I am talking about an everyday human interaction.  If you are like me, you are always planning your next step, or taking a mental note of your to do list and checking it off.  You get so busy that you don't pause for a minute and engage.  The bible tells us in Proverbs 4:1 paraphrased, to listen, pay attention and gain understanding.  We all could use a little understanding in our lives. And if we really paid attention to each other, I think this world would run a little smoother. 


For me, I yearn for human connection and contact.  I used to get a lot that when I was serving in ministry.  We were so involved that you would have thought we lived at the church house.  Now I am in a place where I am rediscovering who I am outside of serving in ministry and being a parent.  Through this discovery, I am loving the people I meet along the way.  For a few months now I have been attending Sync Seattle's Vibe after 5, it's every 3rd Thursday of the month and has been going strong for 3 years I believe, but don't quote me on that.  You talk about connecting with community, this is the place to be.  I met so many beautiful people and made some great connections to uplift and encourage our black and BIPOC communities in Seattle and surrounding cities.  While attending these events I am very intentional about stopping and paying attention to everyone I encounter and really engage in meaningful conversations.


I want to leave you with a few tips that could help you stop and pay attention:


1.      Take your time and stop rushing.  I know that we are all on timetables, but when we pause for just a moment, we can really engage in the thing you are trying to accomplish.


2.      If you see something you like, say something.  You never know if and when you will ever get that opportunity again.


3.      Recognize the signs when someone is trying to engage with you. If it’s not something you desire, kindly excuse yourself. 


4.      Make every effort to be present in the moment.  Sometimes you need to put your phone down, it will be there once you are done.


5.      Live for today as tomorrow is not promised to any of us. 

As we continue to live our lives with intention, we will be more mindful of the spaces and people we come in contact with.  Even if it's just for a moment, your encounter with that person can leave a lasting impression, whether good or bad. Just know that each of us is carrying our own burdens and we don't need more added to them. I pray that from today forward you stop and pay attention to the beauty that is within you and all around you! We humans need each other!

Sending you love, light and positive vibes,

Cassie K.

"Always remember to LIVE life to the fullest, to LAUGH at everything and to LOVE unconditionally!"

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Mar 04

I will take that word forward with me. I get so wrapped up in life, bills and things that I'm not stopping to smell the 🌹🌹🌹

Thanks for that word!💜💜💜

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